New investment in prepress and printing presses

In the spring of 2019, we made the following investments:

Firstly, we acquired a brand-new CTP system:

With the Agfa Avalon N8 we installed a second platesetter in our prepress department. This platesetter equipped with a fully automated plate conveyer operates at a speed of 70 plates per hour. The total capacity is therefore 110 plates per hour! These CTP platesetters ensure that we always have a back-up, with a ready supply of plates guaranteed!>

We then put two new 8-colour sheet-fed presses into production. These Heidelberg XL 106 presses are really the bee’s knees! With the department being automated to the highest degree, our printers will be able to achieve our well-known high printing quality with even shorter machine setting times and less paper wastage. Delabie s.a. is now equipped with the most productive and high-quality printing presses on the market!