Cookie policy


Delabie may use cookies during your visit to its website. Cookies are small files that are sent to your computer when you use a website, and these cookies are stored onto your computer. These files enable the Delabie website to recognise you as a user when you revisit the site. Delabie uses these cookies to facilitate your surfing experience and to make it more pleasant for you, and also to be able to more accurately adapt the content to your particular preferences and requirements based on your earlier visits. A cookie is therefore entirely passive and does not contain any software programs, viruses or ‘spyware’.


Delabie uses various types of cookies. These may be files that instantly disappear as soon as you close the browser as well as files to be re-used upon your return visit. Delabie itself sends a number of cookies (‘first party cookies’) which are managed by Delabie itself, also for processing the data collected. This enables Delabie to improve your user experience when visiting the website, by storing the language options selected, for example, or by preventing you repeatedly seeing the same advertisements.

Delabie partners also install cookies (‘third party cookies’), which have been developed by them or on their behalf. Access to these cookies and the data collected are then restricted to these specific partners. Delabie therefore does not have any say in, and/or knowledge of, the content and the operation of those particular cookies. For example, advertisers may add cookies to their advertisements on the Delabie website to gain an insight into your interests so as to only show you adverts that are of particular interest to you.

In addition, Delabie calls upon the services of third parties, such as Google Analytics, to analyse how the website is used. These third party services also install cookies onto your computer to check how visitors use the website. Delabie needs this analysis to improve the website to suit the particular preferences of its visitors, and to further improve its user-friendliness. Other third parties who may install cookies onto your computer through our website are the social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This is activated through the buttons of these services which you see on the website to promote the content (‘Like’) or to share it (‘tweet’). These are, for example, Facebook’s famous 'Like button' and 'Like box' (Friend 1, friend 2 and x people like this), which enable Facebook to recognise visitors through the use of cookies.


If you wish to explore the Delabie website in more detail without adjusting the cookie settings, and if you click on the link ‘continue’, you accept the installation of cookies. You have the option to refuse the installation of cookies, by adjusting the browser settings on your computer. This may cause some components of our websites not to work or not to work fully and/or it may prevent access, which is of course not the intention.

You can remove any cookies already installed from your computer or mobile device at any time. When switching off and/or removing cookies, you will continue to see advertisements, but these will then not be adjusted to your earlier use of the Delabie website